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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Some Masters have already Gathered

     There are three things you need to know right now about
attracting your desires:
1. There are Four Stages of Awakening.
2. 90% of us remain stuck in the first stage of awakening.
3. It is impossible to achieve our desires in this first stage.
      But we only need to make a subtle but profound shift to move
into the second stage of awakening!
     One of the most recognized masters of "The Secret," Joe Vitale
helped me recognize this. And today, the folks over at The Masters
Gathering were able to grab Joe for a fascinating discussion on
The Four Stages of Awakening and it is guaranteed to generate at least
one powerful "AHA" for you.
     Grab This Free Video Right Now!
     I can promise you, this video is unlike anything you've seen.
If you loved what Joe had to say in "The Secret," imagine
listening to his insight and brilliance for more than 20
      And he goes deep with this one. Way beyond The Secret and
The Law of Attraction.
     Joe reveals the MUST DO process we have to begin before we
can make all the other stuff we've learned work.
     How do I know this? Well...
I have a confession to make...
     This is the secret weapon I've been using to build my business
and, more importantly, to build my life.
     It's what makes the difference between succeeding and just surviving.
    And Joe nails it in this video. It's some of the most profound advice
I've heard in a long time and its easy.
You'll discover:
* Why our attempts to manipulate our lives, our experience, and the
universe don't work, and a simple shift to opening the floodgates
to success.
(This one alone is priceless because most people misunderstand The
Law of Attraction. Joe clears this up for us.)
* How to use your own challenges to breed results. Most of us deny
or shy away from pain, but pain is a very spiritual place to be.
You can use your challenges to directly produce your desires!
That's actually what they're meant for.
* The secret to a happy life. This happens naturally as you progress
through the four stages of awakening.
     Discover the Four Stages to Awaken Success Now!
You're crazy if you don't jump all over this!  
     Also be sure to catch the other two videos available from The Masters
Gathering. Billionaire John Assaraf and "Millionaire-Maker" Loral
Langemeier round out this staggering collection of video interviews.
     If you haven't heard about The Masters Gathering yet, you will.
     (Though I have to ask, "Where the heck have you been the past week?!")
     These guys have somehow wrangled the biggest, brightest, and most
successful masters of business, personal transformation, health,
and more.
     But here's the kicker...
The Masters Gathering hasn't even pulled their Ace yet!
     You can take my word for it, the geniuses behind The Masters
Gathering will blow your mind with what they've cooked up.
     So take my advice and stay tuned!
     Word on the street is that a major announcement is coming next
week! But don't wait. In the meantime, you've got to check out
these videos.
Don't delay!

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