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Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Poet

The Poet

"He is a link between this and the coming world. 
He is A pure spring from which all thirsty souls may drink. 
He is a tree watered by the River of Beauty, bearing 
Fruit which the hungry heart craves; 
He is a nightingale, soothing the depressed 
Spirit with his beautiful melodies; 
He is a white cloud appearing over the horizon, 
Ascending and growing until it fills the face of the sky. 
Then it falls on the flowers in the field of Life, 
Opening their petals to admit the light. 
He is an angel, send by the goddess to 
Preach the Deity's gospel; 
He is a brilliant lamp, unconquered by darkness 
And inextinguishable by the wind. It is filled with 
Oil by Istar of Love, and lighted by Apollon of Music. 
He is a solitary figure, robed in simplicity and 
Kindness; He sits upon the lap of Nature to draw his 
Inspiration, and stays up in the silence of the night, 
Awaiting the descending of the spirit. 
He is a sower who sows the seeds of his heart in the 
Prairies of affection, and humanity reaps the 
Harvest for her nourishment. 
This is the poet -- whom the people ignore in this life, 
And who is recognized only when he bids the earthly 
World farewell and returns to his arbor in heaven. 
This is the poet -- who asks naught of 
Humanity but a smile. 
This is the poet -- whose spirit ascends and 
Fills the firmament with beautiful sayings; 
Yet the people deny themselves his radiance. 
Until when shall the people remain asleep? 
Until when shall they continue to glorify those 
Who attain greatness by moments of advantage? 
How long shall they ignore those who enable 
Them to see the beauty of their spirit, 
Symbol of peace and love? 
Until when shall human beings honor the dead 
And forget the living, who spend their lives 
Encircled in misery, and who consume themselves 
Like burning candles to illuminate the way 
For the ignorant and lead them into the path of light? 
Poet, you are the life of this life, and you have 
Triumphed over the ages despite their severity. 
Poet, you will one day rule the hearts, and 
Therefore, your kingdom has no ending. 
Poet, examine your crown of thorns; you will 
Find concealed in it a budding wreath of laurel."
- Khalil Gibran 

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Getting to an Exceptional Life

     I want to share with you some thoughts I'm having this morning.  My life in the last few weeks has really become joyous, and I asked myself: What am I doing differently to create these wonderful days?  I suspect the following has a direct causal influence on the difference I am experiencing. 
     The first activity that I have incorporated into my daily activities is: Exercise.  I get a good start to each day by my morning walk.
     The next thing I do, almost from the moment I awake, and throughout the day is Giving Thanks: I thank God, Allah, Source, The Universe, Universal Mother, by whatever name fits for you, for all that I have, and appreciate all the people, material goods, Nature's bounty, and abundance that I now am Blessed to have. 
     The third, and probably the first I put into practice was a good healthy diet:  I eliminated meat and dairy products from my diet; not for religious purposes, purely for the harmful effects they produce in my body.  I also started eating mostly live foods, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains.  (and I bless them both before and during meals)
      Another change was: The associations that I allow to be a part of my life: no longer am I willing to associate with Negative people or influences such as Most News Organizations, so I seldom watch the news, no longer spend 1 - 1/2 hours reading the NY Times daily.  Those I do associate with are those both virtual online, and in real life who are positive about life and living.  Those who are inspirational: Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, James Ray, John Assaraf, and many others too numerous to mention.
     When my TV blew up, I realized that almost all of the time I was devoting to it was not adding anything really to my life's purpose; just a way of wasting those precious moments one by one.  I now use the new tv to watch inspirational or educational videos that are so much more valuable.  Did not bother to re-subscribe to the cable tv.  
     A result of all this is that now I constantly look for ways to contribute to others.  I became a giver.  (Let me share with you it is one heck of a lot more fun than being a taker, always looking out for "What's In It For Me").
     So, what's in my future?  At least one book, authored and published.  I'll be a motivational speaker, I am a darn good coach and continue to develop my coaching skills.  Women have re-appeared in my life, and that really is fun - been a long time absent in that area.  Or as some say in Texas YEEEEEEEE   HAAAAAAAAA.
     Oh, one activity that I know from past personal experience is most helpful is Meditation.  I shall be incorporating that into my life also.
     Isn't this life a wondrous journey?  (Even those parts that while going through them seemed to be the most horrible)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Your Future Experiences

Quote from Abraham - Hicks Publications: 

"We're going to give you a very powerful statement: Everything that you will some day live, in terms of life experience -- and by some day, we mean as soon as right now, tomorrow, the next day, or some day -- anything that you will some day live, you have first imagined. Because nothing will manifest in your experience without the imagination process happening first."

Excerpted from the workshop in Houston, TX on 
Saturday, January 5th, 2002

Our Love, 
Jerry and Esther Hicks

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Two Books

     I just today finished reading "Mastering The Seven Decisions" (That Determine Personal Success)
by Andy Andrews.  The seven decisions are simple, not necessarily easy for everyone, but when lived, will absolutely transform your life to one of Joy, Abundance, Excitement, Achievement, and Love.

This is a message from God: Read this Book.

     Andy includes exercises that I have not done, yet, but when completed will help me experientially internalize those decisions that will create for me in Jim Rohn's words: "An Exceptional Life"

"Andy teaches with humor and stories...the best way for most to learn the lessons that can change your business...and your life." 
--Rhonda Ferguson
President, Financial Concepts

     The second book, "Tribes" by Seth Godin I immediately loaned to my best friend recommending that he find the time to immediately read it as it outlines how the paradigm of our culture/society is shifting from an hierarchial to a networking paradigm.  How leaders are arising from any area of any structure that we now know and with a vision, are creating tribes that follow.

     My observation is that the seeming chaos we are seeing in the financial: (think global financial crisis) political: (think governor of Illinois), (Senator from Alaska) personal: (think foreclosures)(bankruptcies) business: (think Peanut Butter) is in reality a Cleansing.  We are seeing individuals and Businesses being forced to take responsibility for their actions.  
     At the same time we are seeing those leaders emerge from all areas who are Being Honest, Being Transparent, Being Accountable, and Leading us into a new world that must benefit us all.
     Only one word to say:  Hallelujah


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Accepting Responsibility

     "I am where I am today-mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and financially-because of decisions I have made. My decisions have always been governed by my thinking. Therefore, I am where I am today-mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and financially-because of how I think. Today I will begin the process of changing where I am-mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and financially-by changing the way I think.

     My thoughts will be constructive, never destructive. My mind will live in the solutions of the future. It will not dwell in the problems of the past. I will seek the association of those who are working and striving to bring about positive changes in the world. I will never seek comfort by associating with those who have decided to be comfortable.

     When faced with the opportunity to make a decision, I will make one. I understand that God did not put in me the ability to always make right decisions. He did, however, put in me the ability to make a decision and then make it right. The rise and fall of my emotional tide will not deter me from my course. When I make a decision, I will stand behind it. My energy will go into making the decision. I will waste none on second thoughts. My life will not be an apology. It will be a statement.

     The buck stops here. I control my thoughts. I control my emotions."

 - Andy Andrews, from "The Travelers Gift, Seven Decisions That Determine Personal Success"

Monday, February 2, 2009

Listening to Your Inner Voice

When you come to the edge of all the light you know and are about to step off into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing one of two things will happen: There will be something solid to stand on or you will be taught to fly. - Barbara Winter

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Some Masters have already Gathered

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