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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Two Books

     I just today finished reading "Mastering The Seven Decisions" (That Determine Personal Success)
by Andy Andrews.  The seven decisions are simple, not necessarily easy for everyone, but when lived, will absolutely transform your life to one of Joy, Abundance, Excitement, Achievement, and Love.

This is a message from God: Read this Book.

     Andy includes exercises that I have not done, yet, but when completed will help me experientially internalize those decisions that will create for me in Jim Rohn's words: "An Exceptional Life"

"Andy teaches with humor and stories...the best way for most to learn the lessons that can change your business...and your life." 
--Rhonda Ferguson
President, Financial Concepts

     The second book, "Tribes" by Seth Godin I immediately loaned to my best friend recommending that he find the time to immediately read it as it outlines how the paradigm of our culture/society is shifting from an hierarchial to a networking paradigm.  How leaders are arising from any area of any structure that we now know and with a vision, are creating tribes that follow.

     My observation is that the seeming chaos we are seeing in the financial: (think global financial crisis) political: (think governor of Illinois), (Senator from Alaska) personal: (think foreclosures)(bankruptcies) business: (think Peanut Butter) is in reality a Cleansing.  We are seeing individuals and Businesses being forced to take responsibility for their actions.  
     At the same time we are seeing those leaders emerge from all areas who are Being Honest, Being Transparent, Being Accountable, and Leading us into a new world that must benefit us all.
     Only one word to say:  Hallelujah


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