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Monday, January 26, 2009

Choices - A Tribute to Ole Larsen

     One of my mentors, Ole Larsen, when he lived in Pensacola Beach three decades ago sported a personalized license plate: CHOICES.
      Ole was fond of employing experiential learnings in assisting others in their personal growth, as did Gurdjieff and other spiritual leaders.   One morning as I was sitting down for breakfast in his home in Pensacola Beach Florida Ole asked me: "David, If you could have anything you wanted for breakfast, what would that be?"  I don't recall my exact reply, however, I do recall the emotion that question engendered in me - somewhat embarrassed, hesitant to state what I really would like if anything was available, generally flummoxed.  
     I since have come to realize that all we have to do is ask for what we want.  With specifics.  Exactly how we want it to be.  And when we empower that asking with the emotion of desire, we can then give thanks, knowing the (universe) (God) (Spirit) has already started moving our request to us. 
     I never really acknowledged to Ole how much he gave me during the several years we interacted from time to time.  And I must acknowledge, that I am a slow learner in many areas.  Once, Ole said to me "David, you need to handle your money".  So, twenty six years later, I'm handling my money.  
     As I said, in some areas, I'm a slow learner.
     Thank You OLE

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